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Mental Strengthening

Posted by Jay Vadnais on

Five simple steps that can help with Mental Strengthening.

1. Realistic expectations- Setting smaller goals that are achievable reinforces success on your journey to the ultimate goal (you can eat an elephant in one bite)

2. Positive self talk- Talking yourself through any situation only reinforces what you believe, so keep it positive.

3.Face your fears- by facing your fear (no matter how big or small) is very empowering.  In the grand scheme of life, we find out that our fears are only as big as we make them.

4. Persistence- goals are never achieved by giving up or giving in. Failures are teaching opportunities to learn from.  Even the most accomplished people in the world have failed.

5. Visualization- Success comes more rapidly when you can visualize it.

By practicing these simple steps and applying them to all aspects of your day (school, work, fencing), you will find successes come more often.