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4 Tips to Avoid Knee Pain

Posted by Jay Vadnais on

Over the course of time as we age, our knees are one of the first major areas to start hurting. Here are some preventive measures that will help continue your journey of wellness:

1. Proper form is always the key to minimizing pain in any sport injury.

2. Stretching, flexing, and warming up before activity and stretching after the activity. Our joints are nourished by movements and strengthen by load resistance. This also, reduces inflammation and irritation to the knee.

3. Exercise is the foundation of building up and maintaining muscles strength, especially around the knee for proper support. Strong muscles help stabilize the joints. Here are some useful exercises that reduces the stress on the knee:

How to perform Goblet Squats tutorial

How to do Rear Lunges

Knee Exercises for Pain Free Leg Workouts

4. Eating healthy foods rich in calcium will help reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis as you age.

Following these suggestions can reduce the possibility of injuries to the knee and ensure a long and (relatively) painless lifetime of fencing.

Before starting any exercise regiment, always check with your doctor.

Basic Pointers for All Three Weapons:

(This picture indicates the position of a lunge with both feet on the ground and not rolling the ankle, which causes long term damage to the joints.) Balance - Always keep about the same amount of weight on both feet at all times. Yes, there I said it twice. It is very important to not lean back when [...]

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Point attacks in saber fencing can greatly increase your fencing competition score.  So consider a double-disengage lunge when fencing and catch your opponent in the center of the chest.  In most cases, this is not expected and catches them unawares.  But beware of the "new" timing in electric fencing sabers, as this action leaves the attacker [...]

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